varalakshmi Nonbu Prasadam

Varalakshmi Nonbu Prasadam (02)


Explore Lanka

Srilanka–Ramayana Trail

Srilanka is a small island country in Indian Ocean with rich culture & heritage.

Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism go hand in hand in this country. They follow a three language  formula throughout the country  , all sign boards , names written in Sinhalese, Tamil & English.

We had been planning to visit this little country for a long time , but my time came this June 2017.

I planned my trip after thoroughly keeping in mind that I love nature, culture, and religion , so my trip included places connected with Ramayana epic, Buddhism & the natural beauty of Lanka.

Back in my mind the historical story “Ponniyin Selvan” by the famous author Kalki Krishnamurthy was fresh with lively characters & Lanka as the land of rubber trees.

So all these in mind I customized our tour itinerary with central Province & Colombo. With constraints of time we could not visit Jaffna, in Tamil Yazhpanam. But we met lot of Tamil speaking people, & I could feel their longing to visit India. I can’t forget the Sweet Tamil they spoke.

As we landed in colombo, the airport itself impressed me, clean, small, not much of  formalities for SAARC countries.


“AYUBOWAN” they welcome you in different way,  praying for your long life!! Similar to “Ayushman Bhava ” in Sanskrit.

Our first destination was Chilaw Muneeswaran temple and then the Maanawari temple. The first one is a Shiva temple where it is believed Lord Rama prayed to Shiva After killing Ravana, as he believed, Brahmahathi dosham was following him as Ravana was a Brahmin. Maanawari temple is Sakti temple, like our Maryiamman.

Then we proceeded to Dambulla, a town in the midst of Habrana forest area.Here I have to say that we survived a tiresome journey with fruits,like banana, robutta ,as there were not many eateries for vegetarians.

Dambulla  cave temple is one of the UNESCO  world heritage sites.  Initially with Trip advisor views we thought it would be tough to climb.  But now cars reach till the Protected area and there is hardly 1 Km up to climb, but  there weren’t any steps so we found it easier to reach. We had to take careful steps in between rocks. But once you reach top, the view is really awesome, huge single rock & 5 caves inside  covering Lord Buddha’s beautiful postures, mural paintings, Huge sleeping Buddha in a single rock. You just stand awestruck with such natural structures, ages back to 3rd century B.C. Even skeletons of 2000 years old are found here by UNESCO.

The golden temple is down on the road with museum & history of Lord Buddha & Buddhism.

BY this time we were damn tired & checked in to Hotel Dawanna on Habrana road. Hotels are in beautiful locations and cater mostly to foreigners, so neatly maintained with wifi, variety of food e.t.c became normal for a 3 star.

Day:2  Trincomalee, or Triconamalai in Tamil,via Sigiriya.  

Sigiriya again is a huge rock seen from anywhere near by which looks like a lion sitting. It was a steep climb to the top, so we didn’t go up, but took pics & proceeded to Trincomalee. Sigiriya also boasts lots of mural paintings of 2000 years old & depicts Buddhism. Enroute to Trincomalee we saw a huge lake KANTALA LAKE.

The route was so beautiful, that we didn’t feel the long journey. Enroute the chauffeur was showing us the places where LTTE hideouts were totally grounded by army. Trincomalee is a largely Tamil speaking area.

Trincomalee where sea enters land through a cliff in 3 different directions.

Koneswaran temple, Shakti pitam are very old temples found within a cave through the hills. Tamil poets Sekkizhar, Nammalwar sang about these temples in 6th century B.C. Later probably hidden by Dutch, British rulers and the temple was later renovated. While going to temple itself we can find the entrance to the fort written in Dutch.

Natural coast with green sea is a beautiful sight with cliffs around. While coming back we saw another Devi temple with beautiful architecture.  Enroute back visited Marble beach , a beautiful ,clear sandy beach with shallow sea,without waves.

On our way back we instantly planned to visit Minneriya national park. We hired a open jeep with the help of Mr.Dazil our chauffer. We took an entry pass for the jeep ride. Though it was a very hot afternoon, we hoped against hope to see some animals. Initially we sighted just a few peacocks and langoors. But once we reached a huge waterbody in the forest we spotted crocodiles, and lots of cranes around. Further down we could see plenty of elephants, families and families around the water body, grazing grass nearby, drinking water, cooling themselves. It was a stupendous sight. Cute little ones following parents, mammas protecting kids, teaching them how to eat, walk, drink. What a lovely sight seeing them !!.

Had a wonderful day, on our way back a single huge elephant followed our jeep on the highway.  The driver said it is usual sight there, it stopped on aside , waited for vehicles to move , then crossed the road to enter forest. !!!

We reached our hotel to find out we were the only guests that night. So we were served special menu made to order, near the pool side. It was really an unforgettable special treat.

Day-3. Kandy.

Kandy, a journey of 3 hrs from Dambulla and the second largest city in Lanka. Well connected by road and rail. A hamlet city with multiple culture, many wooden manufacturers, gems wholesale, as Srilanka is famous for wood and gems especially Blue sapphire.

We were first taken to the gems museum, to show how the mines are identified and manually sending people to cut the mines & sieve them. Of course I ended up purchasing lots of semi precious stones. Then there was a cultural show, organised every evening in a hall with entry tickets, to depict the kandy dance, fire walk, tribal dance etc.

Next day we visited wooden manufacturers, how natural wood dusts are converted to bring colors,  with the help of lime and certain leaves added to them. Beautiful natural colours are used in show pieces, furniture, but found them very expensive . Next was, the temple of tooth relics of  Buddha. The temple is huge with two floors. With temple bands played at the time of opening the temple reminds  similarity of Kerala kottu Vadhiyam. The temple brings sanctity to the whole town. Here , when I saw ladies wearing different type of saree to work, I was appreciating them,my over enthusiastic chauffeur took me to a saree shop , arranged a lady to show me how to drape saree in that style, I was more than happy to pose!!. It was a really lively experience.

Day-4 Enroute Nuwara Eliya.

Beautiful thick forests on both sides, the route was excellent , reminds me wordsworth’s poetry “The woods are lovely dark & deep, but I have miles to go before I sleep.”

We stopped in one of the Ayurvedic , herbal farms where cinnamon, cloves , nutmegs & many more spices are grown in natural manures.  Ayurvedic practising doctors use them to make oils, creams, balms & Lanka govt helps them.

Visited tea gardens , tea factory, and it was different, Ceylon tea called orange pekoe, pekoe, etc. Black tea is famous here. After visit to tea gardens ,tasted black tea, but wanted our taste of tea with milk of course. It was like a hill station climate throughout  and therefore never felt tiring. On our way we saw plenty of avocado trees, a beautiful waterfall of two tires. To reach the waterfall we had to go down at least 500 uneven steps. But it was worth it.

We reached Nuwara Eliya by the evening, and visited Victoria Botanical garden. Nuwara Eliya is known as Little England with English climate, colonial type of houses, even British times post office, bungalows are still maintained with care, beauty. Night stay at Oak Ray Summer Hills was a beautiful stay with different ambience. Situated on a steep hillock, there are cluster of rooms at different levels, adjacent to each other. We chose the higher ones which has beautiful view of terrace farms, though tough to climb stairs. But I always like to feel the beauty of a place, so I liked them.

Day -5 Excursion to Ella, via Sita Amman temple.

Sita Amman temple is around 4 to 5 Kms from Nuwara Eliya. This is the place where Hanuman met Sita, as believed. Kambar in Tamil wrote” Kanden,Seethaiyai”. Around a thick forest  a Single tree stands alone , & a beautiful waterfalls set as a picture perfect backdrop. The temple must have been built later, in Tamil Nadu style .  Behind the temple at the picturesque backdrop, statues of Sita, Hanuman are kept by Sri. Sri. Ravishankar recently. There are 3 small ponds near the waterfall, said to be used by Sita to take bath.

After visiting this we proceeded to Ella, 65 Kms from Nuwaraeliya .Ella is beautiful picnic spot in the mountains, a beautiful Ella falls with loud sound of water attract everyone passing by. Once we reach the falls which is a little tough terrain, it is so nice to keep your feet in full flowing water and sit there forgetting time, people…in Ella Falls, it is believed that king Ravana’s fort was once behind the rocks..

After spending half a day there  we came back to Nuwara Eliya. On our way we stopped in a restaurant for tea, our chauffeur took us to a small shop  full of sculptures, wooden souvenirs. We came to know that the man sitting and working is  born without legs. How creative his hands are,  when God has not given legs, his hands speak a lot. Bought few souvenirs & came back to hotel. By this time we  were tired of lakes &  gardens. So avoided a boat ride and decided to walk on the street to window shop.

Day-6: With sweet memories of Nuwara Eliya, started a long journey to Colombo. Enroute during lunch time stopped in a place called Pinnavale, again forest, river . This place is famous for elephant orphanage. One can see elephants in camps, they are taken for a bath around noon time. It was cute sight , the families taking bath together, mammas scrubbing kids’ back!!!. Lovely sight on the river. After a long bath, with police protection, they walk back to their camps. It was great sight and appreciate how the govt. helps in protecting them. Overall Srilanka itself is well organised country, good roads, well maintained, clean, people follow rules, respect tourism a lot. Though with lots of insurgency before, now they are really more disciplined  than India.

We reached Colombo by evening, spent time visiting a famous monastery, Buddhas in gems, seemed to be a rich monastery. Visited the Independence square, which more or less looked like India gate of Delhi, but very large in size. Though there are traffic jams in evenings, people stay patiently following lanes, was a great sight for we Bangalore people!!. Reached Hotel Ocean. Excellent hotel, all rooms facing Indian Ocean,on the Marine drive. A rare sight, railway line along the coast, road  by side, without even a barricade. Harbour was very near, so sighted  few anchored ships . It was beautiful sight at night.

Our day 7 was just some shopping &  a small gems museum. Reached airport by noon.  Had a great a South Indian lunch at market place reasonably priced. With lots of inhibitions we started, but with lots & lots of love & pleasant memories, we left the country.

Overall a small Asian country with disciplined people , abundant natural resources, they have a promising future for a fully developed nation.

Attaching few photos taken during our trip.IMG_20170620_121506

Karadaiyan Nonbu

This festival is typical of Tamil Brahmins. The festival is also called vada savitri vratham.

  • When?::::?Mostly March 14,15.  depends upon the month panguni begins, maasi ends.
  • Why:    The story behind is when Satyavan faced death in the midst of the forest , there was nothing to offer, Savitri prayed Godess for her husband’s life by offering mud& “lobia”( black eyed beans or cow beans in English), with butter& her husband got second life. So basically done for the long life of husband.
  • How:      There is a saying Maasi kayaru Paasi padiya irukkanum. So when Month Maasi is there, panguni begins we do that .Time may differ every year. This year 2017 march 14 th IST 2.30 to 3 pm. As 3 to 4.30 is Raghu Kalam. 
  • First clean the puja room, put a simple rangoli, take head bath, keep fast or light fruits till puja is done.
  • Ingredients needed for prasdam:
  • Flowers, Manjal, vetrilai, pakku, Pazham., Manjal thread.
  • Banana leaf if available or any clean plate.
  • jaggery-1glass (powdered)
  • Raw rice powder-1 glass.
  • lobia , Kara mani, or black eyed bean–4 spoons.
  • Coconut –either scraped or cut into small cubes-1 cup
  • elaichi powder-a pinch
  • For salt adai::2green chillies, Hing( perungayam)
  • kadi patha.


Fry the rice powder in a plain pan or Kadai without oil, till it is light brown color, or just put  kolam  & see it doesn’t stick in ur fingers.Let it cool.

Fry the black eyed beans in a pan without oil, cook for 5  to 6 mints in microwave, keep aside.

Heat a heavy bottom cooker, add 2glasses water , add jaggery powder, allow to boil, while boiling add elaichi, coconut, cooked black beans,( lobia)when the jaggery is nicely melted & boiling , slowly add rice powder, simmering the stove,as it may become crumbled. Close the cooker, allow to  cook-till water evaporates& cooked or give one whistle..

For salt adai, first add 2 tbspoon oil, add a spoon of mustard to crackle, add hing, green chilies, the add 2 cups of water in the pan, allow to boil, add salt coconut, cooked blackeyed  beans( lobia),then pour  1 cup rice powder already fried.Allow to cook, closing the pan, or keep in sim till water evaporates.

Now both are kept for cooling .

After it is cooled  take a small ball in palm flatten like vada, slightly press the center. Make all the cooked sweet batter, salt batter , the same way.

Steam cook the Adais for  at least 10 mints keeping them in idly stand or separators.

Now the adais are ready.


Now to get ready for puja, Try to wear 9 yards saree( My You tube Vedio ,how to wear),or wear a clean new saree.

  • In front of god make a small kolam, keep a bananaleaf, or plate,
  • arrange vetrilai pakku, fruit on right hand corner
  • Take Nonbu Saradu( manjal thread), tie a flower, manjal in  the center, keep on the vetrilaipakku.
  • keep 4 sweet adais, 4 salt adais,
  • keep white butter.
  • keep a glass of water,

light the Swamy lamp.

sit in front of leaf, take water in hand, do naivedyam to Godess whatever kept. Then tie manjal thread around neck ,(Either husband should tie or with any elders at home, if no one is there pray Godess& tie by yourself,

Tie one to Godess also.

The prayer says” urugadha vennaiyum, oradiyum naan nutren. Orukalum en kanavan  piriyada irukkanum”

Say this & eat the prasadam on the plate, keeping aside small portion to offer to cow, later.

“Then do namaskarams to husband, elders at home. Do this puja, Get blessings from Goddess”








Veg pulao in microwave

serves 2 people

onion-1 big

Garlic -4 pearls,ginger small piece


beans-10 pieces


peas-1/2 cup

long grain rice-  1 cup

biriyani masala- 1 sp.or 1 big cardamom ,cloves, cinnamon, pepper,each4pieces.

oil/ghee 3 to4 tb.spoon

cut onion into long strings, other veg into thin long pieces.crush the spices, garlic, ginger pieces.

Heat oil in a pan in gas stove, add the crushed spices, onion, fry a little till onion becomes pink.

Add other vegetables, add salt,, now add rice also flash fry for just 2 mints.

put off the gas, shift the entire stuff in a microwave safe glass tray, or porcelain bowl,add water till the ingredients are immersed well,no need to add more water,

Now switch on the microwave for pin biryanis mode , or just micro cook for 10 mints by closing with a suitable lid.

After this don’t open immediately, give standing time for 2 more mints. Add mint/ coriander for decoration.

You get a wonderful pulao without much standing near the gas.

Enjoy micro cooking.