Microwave cooking

Tomato, Bell pepper soup.

5pods of garlic
2capsicum chopped roughly
3carrots chopped roughly
2red chillies

Take around 50gms of butter and put it in a pan. Heat the butter and add garlic, onion and red chilli’s. Once fried add carrots and capsicum. Add salt and roast it till cooked. Don’t overcook.
In the meanwhile roughly chop 8tomatoes and cook it in microwave for ten min. Once both are cooked take it out and cool. Peel the tomato skin out.
Put the entire mixture into a mixer blender and grind.
Take it out, pour into a pan and bring it to boil. Add dried basil and oregano with some pepper.
Serve hot.


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Like to share my experiences in all fields, like travel, as my foremost,my life in different states gave me the most of experiences as a cook, teacher, counsellor,mother, philosopher,what not. Comments are most welcome, as they make me a better writer.

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