Veg pulao in microwave

serves 2 people

onion-1 big

Garlic -4 pearls,ginger small piece


beans-10 pieces


peas-1/2 cup

long grain rice-  1 cup

biriyani masala- 1 sp.or 1 big cardamom ,cloves, cinnamon, pepper,each4pieces.

oil/ghee 3 to4 tb.spoon

cut onion into long strings, other veg into thin long pieces.crush the spices, garlic, ginger pieces.

Heat oil in a pan in gas stove, add the crushed spices, onion, fry a little till onion becomes pink.

Add other vegetables, add salt,, now add rice also flash fry for just 2 mints.

put off the gas, shift the entire stuff in a microwave safe glass tray, or porcelain bowl,add water till the ingredients are immersed well,no need to add more water,

Now switch on the microwave for pin biryanis mode , or just micro cook for 10 mints by closing with a suitable lid.

After this don’t open immediately, give standing time for 2 more mints. Add mint/ coriander for decoration.

You get a wonderful pulao without much standing near the gas.

Enjoy micro cooking.







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Like to share my experiences in all fields, like travel, as my foremost,my life in different states gave me the most of experiences as a cook, teacher, counsellor,mother, philosopher,what not. Comments are most welcome, as they make me a better writer.

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