Karadaiyan Nonbu

This festival is typical of Tamil Brahmins. The festival is also called vada savitri vratham.

  • When?::::?Mostly March 14,15.  depends upon the month panguni begins, maasi ends.
  • Why:    The story behind is when Satyavan faced death in the midst of the forest , there was nothing to offer, Savitri prayed Godess for her husband’s life by offering mud& “lobia”( black eyed beans or cow beans in English), with butter& her husband got second life. So basically done for the long life of husband.
  • How:      There is a saying Maasi kayaru Paasi padiya irukkanum. So when Month Maasi is there, panguni begins we do that .Time may differ every year. This year 2017 march 14 th IST 2.30 to 3 pm. As 3 to 4.30 is Raghu Kalam. 
  • First clean the puja room, put a simple rangoli, take head bath, keep fast or light fruits till puja is done.
  • Ingredients needed for prasdam:
  • Flowers, Manjal, vetrilai, pakku, Pazham., Manjal thread.
  • Banana leaf if available or any clean plate.
  • jaggery-1glass (powdered)
  • Raw rice powder-1 glass.
  • lobia , Kara mani, or black eyed bean–4 spoons.
  • Coconut –either scraped or cut into small cubes-1 cup
  • elaichi powder-a pinch
  • For salt adai::2green chillies, Hing( perungayam)
  • kadi patha.


Fry the rice powder in a plain pan or Kadai without oil, till it is light brown color, or just put  kolam  & see it doesn’t stick in ur fingers.Let it cool.

Fry the black eyed beans in a pan without oil, cook for 5  to 6 mints in microwave, keep aside.

Heat a heavy bottom cooker, add 2glasses water , add jaggery powder, allow to boil, while boiling add elaichi, coconut, cooked black beans,( lobia)when the jaggery is nicely melted & boiling , slowly add rice powder, simmering the stove,as it may become crumbled. Close the cooker, allow to  cook-till water evaporates& cooked or give one whistle..

For salt adai, first add 2 tbspoon oil, add a spoon of mustard to crackle, add hing, green chilies, the add 2 cups of water in the pan, allow to boil, add salt coconut, cooked blackeyed  beans( lobia),then pour  1 cup rice powder already fried.Allow to cook, closing the pan, or keep in sim till water evaporates.

Now both are kept for cooling .

After it is cooled  take a small ball in palm flatten like vada, slightly press the center. Make all the cooked sweet batter, salt batter , the same way.

Steam cook the Adais for  at least 10 mints keeping them in idly stand or separators.

Now the adais are ready.


Now to get ready for puja, Try to wear 9 yards saree( My You tube Vedio ,how to wear),or wear a clean new saree.

  • In front of god make a small kolam, keep a bananaleaf, or plate,
  • arrange vetrilai pakku, fruit on right hand corner
  • Take Nonbu Saradu( manjal thread), tie a flower, manjal in  the center, keep on the vetrilaipakku.
  • keep 4 sweet adais, 4 salt adais,
  • keep white butter.
  • keep a glass of water,

light the Swamy lamp.

sit in front of leaf, take water in hand, do naivedyam to Godess whatever kept. Then tie manjal thread around neck ,(Either husband should tie or with any elders at home, if no one is there pray Godess& tie by yourself,

Tie one to Godess also.

The prayer says” urugadha vennaiyum, oradiyum naan nutren. Orukalum en kanavan  piriyada irukkanum”

Say this & eat the prasadam on the plate, keeping aside small portion to offer to cow, later.

“Then do namaskarams to husband, elders at home. Do this puja, Get blessings from Goddess”