Veg pulao in microwave

serves 2 people

onion-1 big

Garlic -4 pearls,ginger small piece


beans-10 pieces


peas-1/2 cup

long grain rice-  1 cup

biriyani masala- 1 sp.or 1 big cardamom ,cloves, cinnamon, pepper,each4pieces.

oil/ghee 3 to4 tb.spoon

cut onion into long strings, other veg into thin long pieces.crush the spices, garlic, ginger pieces.

Heat oil in a pan in gas stove, add the crushed spices, onion, fry a little till onion becomes pink.

Add other vegetables, add salt,, now add rice also flash fry for just 2 mints.

put off the gas, shift the entire stuff in a microwave safe glass tray, or porcelain bowl,add water till the ingredients are immersed well,no need to add more water,

Now switch on the microwave for pin biryanis mode , or just micro cook for 10 mints by closing with a suitable lid.

After this don’t open immediately, give standing time for 2 more mints. Add mint/ coriander for decoration.

You get a wonderful pulao without much standing near the gas.

Enjoy micro cooking.







Microwave cooking

Tomato, Bell pepper soup.

5pods of garlic
2capsicum chopped roughly
3carrots chopped roughly
2red chillies

Take around 50gms of butter and put it in a pan. Heat the butter and add garlic, onion and red chilli’s. Once fried add carrots and capsicum. Add salt and roast it till cooked. Don’t overcook.
In the meanwhile roughly chop 8tomatoes and cook it in microwave for ten min. Once both are cooked take it out and cool. Peel the tomato skin out.
Put the entire mixture into a mixer blender and grind.
Take it out, pour into a pan and bring it to boil. Add dried basil and oregano with some pepper.
Serve hot.

Paruppu usili

Paruppu usili

This is a delicasy in most of the tam brahm houses. This can be made with any veggie if you don’t have enough to cater a sudden extra guest!! This comes handy , as well as impress the guest by making it quickly.

ingredients: beans, cabbage, spring onions ,any one veg-1/4 kg

Thuvar dal/ arhar  dal-1 glass/200 gms.

3 red chilies, asafoetida, salt.

Soak the dal as soon as your guest arrived!! After 15 mints, cut the veg into smallcubes.

Now grind the dal after straining out the water, adding, salt, chilies, a mixer.

mix the veg pieces, pour in amicrowave glass bowl, cover & cook for 5 to  7 mints, according to the quantity. Standing time of  more mints.

Now keep a pan in gas & add 2 spoons of oil, season with  mustard seeds, Udad dal, add the cooked paste, just break them into pieces, to make it soft usili.

Keep it slow flame if you want little roasted .

Entertain the guest with tam brahm delicacy!!!, nice side dish for rice .



Easycooking in microwave.

There  are many brands, versions, models in microwaves, but If you ask a simple question of How do you use it for everyday cooking , the instant reply is for heating refrigerated food, or as simple as reheating.

But I use it almost for all types of cooking apart from cakes, pizzas, like daily breakfast, meals .So let me share a few, and you can venture more than this.

  1. Rava kesari, or Suji ki halwa as known in north India

Recipe: Ingredients needed: Suji or rava- 1 cup,sugar-1 cup

ghee-1/2 cup, cashews few.kesar food colour.

Take a glass bowl , add just 2 spoons of ghee, rava, cashews, keep in microwave for 2 mints.

Take out & mix nicely with a spatula, till it mixes well& fried.

Now add sugar & water till the mixture is immersed fully, say 1 cup.add colour.

Again microwave for for 5 mints, closed. Keep it inside to rest for few more mints, take out & mix nicely adding the remaining ghee.

That is all, instant tasty kesari Bhath ready.

Impress your guests with an instant tasty sweet.

I make it even for big get togethers. No tension of lumps, no standing near gas & mixing, making the arms strain.

Enjoy cooking in microwave,

more to come !!